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Regular servicing is often overlooked in todays busy life style, but is more important that ever with most newer vehicles due to specialist oils and more complex and advanced operating systems such as DPF filter regeneration, Add blue systems and ever advanced electrical components.

Regular servicing helps you do your part for the environment with emissions related issues heavily effected by replacement of service parts with regular servicing.

Driver and passenger safety is one of our main focuses when carrying out a service checking tyres, steering, suspension and braking systems keeping you and those close to you safe and sound whilst on the road.

We can service and M.O.T your car in the same day. If any repairs are necessary we can usually undertake these whilst we have your car, saving you both time, money and inconvenience

For many motorists booking an annual MOT test at is a way to give them peace of mind that their car is of a safe useable condition as set out by the government and road legal for another year.

Remember our servicing and repairs will not invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty.

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Servicing and M.O.T.

Full range of servicing, M.O.T and general maintenance carried out to the highest standards.


Our dealer level scanners can detect any issues associated with your car’s engine, brakes, airbags & more


A 24/7 recovery and roadside assistance service for vehicle breakdowns or accident assistance.

Wheel Nut Removal.

Our specialist equipment is capable of removing 99% of all lock nuts currently on the market

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